Asynchronous stand-ups, made better.

Onit brings your distributed team's communication and backlog management tools together to provide a seamless experience in providing daily updates.

Get the Jira Addon

Bring your distributed team together

Provide updates during an interval, each member in their own time, and share report when everyone is done.

  • Stand-up history at your fingertips with detailed reporting in Jira
  • Flexible scheduling with snooze and skip options
  • Seamless Jira integration
  • Better insights with sentiment analysis

Act on Jira Issues from Slack during the updates.

Move issues and update them as you provide your updates, in a seamless experience

  • Flexible issue filtering with JQL
  • Make the best of your existing tools
  • Pick up, drop, and move issues in Slack
  • Fewer context switches to get more done

Changing how teams stay in sync, one stand-up at the time

Check out or roadmap for future integrations and functionalities. We're just getting started!